MaineAlcoholism is addiction to alcohol; however, the main goal when treating this addiction is for the person to become abstinent. Over the years many have found success and recovery from alcoholism with support from family and friends, being motivated towards better health and getting involved in a good alcohol recovery program.

However, for those who don’t receive the support, motivation or who have psychological issues that go deep, those people often suffer a relapse not long after treatment. Drug addictions are similar to alcoholism in their nature, rehabilitation and recovery, and we will use alcohol addiction as an illustration in this article.

As with any addiction, treatment for alcoholism cannot begin unless the alcoholic understands that they have a problem and agree to end the drinking. It is important for the alcoholic to understand that this disease can be cured but he or she must be motivated upon entering the treatment program.

Usually, treatment for alcoholism consists of three different stages: detoxification, rehabilitation and maintaining sobriety. Keep in mind that because detoxification does not end the desire to drink, recovery is sometimes hard to continue.

Treatment for alcoholism may involve more than one medication. Anti-anxiety drugs are sometimes used to treat sleeping and anxiety problems. Drugs such as Disulfiram are used to help an alcoholic maintain sobriety and abstinence. In addition, Naltrexone is often used to lower the craving for alcohol but many in a recovery program say that a detailed program on teaching a patient new coping skills is also needed.

NutritionIt is important to note that better nutrition is also important in helping an addict to get back on track. When a person’s nutrition is poor, it enhances the possibilities that treatment and recovery for an addict will not go well. Good nutrition can help with recovery and is a very important part of any detox program.

For a person to abstain from alcoholism, there are certain things that must be done such as: staying away from people and places that make drinking available and normal, joining a self-help group, finding a new hobby to replace the drinking or volunteer where you can help others, exercising and getting help from family and friends.

Substance abuse is a difficult and challenging affliction; however, with an effective substance abuse treatment program, this can be treated and maintained. Sobriety has to be the main focus once treatment has ended and unless an alcoholic can get support and help during the maintenance program, he or she will very likely return to alcohol.

In addition, there are things an alcoholic can do that will help keep him or her on the right path toward sobriety such as getting better nutrition, exercising on a consistent basis, make new friends who live a more positive lifestyle or finding an activity that makes them feel more positive about themselves and their life, continuing with a treatment plan and finding ways that will help them deal better with stress and anxiety. Many have even found help from meditating or by practicing breathing exercises.

Maine has many effective and helpful treatment centers that can help with substance abuse issues.  To locate an addiction treatment program, or just to ask any questions about one, or about substance abuse, please dial 800-281-9728 to speak with one of our trained counselors 24/7. We’re here to assist you in any way we can.