MassachusettsGetting help with addiction is simple if you know where to look. It may not be easy, but it is simple. There are many people who are willing to help you get over your addiction and substance abuse problems. Getting help with addiction in Massachusetts is a great idea if you suffer from addiction, or know someone who is addicted to a substance.

If you suffer from addiction of any substance the first step you need to take is talking to your doctor. This is especially true if you are addicted to a prescription medication. If you find that you are addicted to a prescription medication talk to your doctor right away. Many times they will be able to ween you off the medication. You never want to stop taking a medication that you are addicted to. This can cause some serious withdrawal symptoms, and even medical issues.

For all other substance abuse issues you will want to contact a drug treatment facility. This is a place where you can go in order to get the drug out of your system. This type of center may cost up to thousands of dollars so check with your insurance company first. Your insurance company will be able to give you a list of facilities that are covered under your insurance.

If you do not have insurance, then find a center in Massachusetts that offers a payment plan. The way these payment plans work is that you pay so much per week until you have payed of your balance. Some facilities even offer helping you in your own home. This is a great option for people who still want to work while getting the help that they need.

If you are going to go to one of these treatment centers, then you need to tell your family and friends. Your family and friends will want to know where you are going, and what type of treatment you will be getting. Sit down with your family in a private place, never somewhere public. This way you will get the attention you need in order to tell them what is really going on.

You need to tell your family, especially if the did not know you were addicted to a substance. Let your family know if they will be able to visit you in the facility, or if they can write to you. Your family will respect your decision of going to get the help that you need.

You will also want to tell your boss about your situation. They will be understanding, and most of the time they will keep your position open for when you get back. You need to think about you during this time, and not worry about other people around you. If your family is angry at you for not telling them about your substance abuse problem, this is normal.

Make some friends while you are in the facility. This is a great way to be able to talk to someone other then the counselor assigned to you. You and your new friends will be able to watch each other’s backs during this stressful time. Once you have completed the treatment you will be put back out into the world. This means that you need to stay away from the substance or substances you were addicted to before.

Have your family remove the substance from your home while you are in rehabilitation, that way you will not be tempted and suffer from a relapse. It could take a few times going through a treatment program to successfully recover from your addiction, so be patient and keep your head up.