What Is An Addiction Center?

You may have heard about addiction centers, but were not sure what they were for or whether one would be useful for you. There are actually a number of different kinds of substance abuse facilities. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, there is a drug abuse treatment center that can help you.

Substance Abuse FacilityOne type of facility is an outpatient clinic. As these clinics are very common, you may have seen one in the city where you live. While the specific services offered by each individual clinic may differ, an outpatient program is primarily for addicts and alcoholics who have either completed inpatient treatment, or do not require inpatient treatment. In the former instance, it is often referred to as aftercare. In the latter, it is known as outpatient services.

Some of the services offered at an outpatient substance abuse center can include substance abuse education classes, health screenings, individual and group counseling, and drug tests to ensure participants are not using drugs or alcohol. An outpatient treatment center is also a common setting for 12-Step groups and meetings.

An inpatient addiction center is also referred to as residential care, or an inpatient treatment facility. These centers offer a wide range and variety of treatment programs and other features. The addict will live at the center for whatever period of time he has agreed upon, and participate in a treatment program. The duration of inpatient treatment varies, generally depending on the individual person’s needs.

In a comfortable, safe, residential setting, inpatient centers generally offer counseling, assistance with medical or mental health concerns, help for newly-clean addicts to learn appropriate coping and living skills, activities, and various other services.

The specific services offered at an inpatient treatment facility depend on the type of center. As one example, daily life at a holistic center is much different from one that is entirely based on a 12-Step recovery model. There are also centers for people with special needs, such as teenagers or people who have psychiatric problems.

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